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Brand Designer with a magnet for color.

Hi! I’m Noemi, the face and founder of Noe Creative.
I’m a Barcelona based Designer with over a decade of experience in the instustry, I possess a comprehensive design background encompassing branding, interior design, graphic design, and fine art.

This tapestry of experience allows me to approach brand identity with a holistic perspective. My proven ability lies in developing and elevating brand identities, ensuring they resonate deeply with target audiences. My diverse skillset, honed through various design disciplines and artistic exploration, empowers me to craft unique and impactful brand narratives. 

I’m passionate about using my design sensibilities to help brands connect with their audiences and tell their stories in a way that transcends the ordinary.


Ready to kickstart your brand?

I am here to help small business owners get clear on their brand strategy and design. With a solution-driven and process-oriented mindset my research first approach will craft the brand that resonates with your target audience.

Just like everything in life, brands also need to grow and develop over time. For this reason we need to find your WHY. Once we figured it out, your brand will stay relevant over time and the result will be a brand that will keep growing. 

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